About Us

About Us

No Hassle Heating was created by a former British Gas engineer Ben Thompson. No Hassle Heating plans were developed after feedback from customers at his boiler and heating company, Thompson’s Gas & Heating. Customers needed the possibility of a maintenance plan, and wanted to be flexible with their payment plans, rather than facing a big bill once every year. Regular servicing is essential for keeping a boiler healthy, as well as maintaining the warranty, but customers needed an affordable, easily manageable way of keeping on top of their payments, their cover and the health of their central heating system.

With our experience working for large scale maintenance and insurance companies, we observed how much of the work with the client was being pushed towards additional sales, rather than engineers being able to complete their work. We also found other rival plans being completed by any available engineers in the areas, this is not ideal as we believe you should have quality experienced engineers who we have vetted and tested to a high standard. Our philosophy is that fixing any problems comes first and foremost and keeping our customers happy and warm is more important than anything we may have to sell.

No Hassle Heating uses our extensive knowledge of heating systems to determine the key problems homeowners face with their boiler, heating, drains and electrics. By ensuring these key problems are covered, we keep our prices low while giving you the essential cover you need.

We created an exclusive freephone number, backed by a 24/7 hotline so the customers always have a point of call in times of emergency.

Our engineers are on call 24/7 to cover any emergencies, keeping our customers happy and safe.

No Hassle Heating Plans

No Hassle Heating comes in four tiers, each with a different level of service;

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Landlord Cover

Each tier has no additional charges for emergency call outs and even a new boiler if we can’t fix the old one.

Our range of services are designed to cover the requirements of every person, from small to large scale, and you can even add extra appliances to ensure total piece of mind for your home.

Homeowners and landlords alike will benefit from the No Hassle Heating plans, whether you own a home or rent it, we’ve got you covered.